Palladium Technologies

Mike Blake
3900 SW 30th Ave
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33312

+1 954 653 0630
+1 954 536 5546
+1 954 536 5546

For 25 years, Palladium Technologies has always been at the forefront of advanced alarm, monitoring and control solutions for the yacht and megayacht industry. With award-winning products, such as SiMON, and the Apple based applications, the iSiMON, for the iPhone/iPod (DAME award 2009), and the SiMON2 for the iPad (DAME award 2010), Palladium has been recognized for creating the 'most innovative products'. This is achieved by creating products with great depth of integrated monitoring control capabilities, and easy-to-use, robust graphics.

With over 200 cumulative years of maritime experience at their disposal, Palladium extends it technology and marine experience to our AV entertainment systems, Lighting Control, IT Solutions, Multi-touch 4K Glass Bridges, Security Systems, and our Electrical Systems.  This provides the complete 'Technology Solution' from an industry world leader.

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