Cayman Islands Shipping Registry

Doris Jackson
P.O. Box 2256
George Town
P.O. Box 2256 Grand Cayman KY1-1107
Cayman Islands

+ 1 345 949 8831


The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) provides a dynamic environment that supports its clients’ efforts to maximise their respective stakeholders’ interests in global shipping, whilst promoting compliance with international maritime Conventions in the areas of maritime safety and security, environmental protection and the welfare of seafarers.&nbsp It offers services which include vessel registration, survey and certification, crew compliance, vessel construction supervision and maritime consultancy.

The CISR maintains a head office in the Cayman Islands a branch office in Southampton, United Kingdom and representatives in London, United Kingdom, Greece, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States of America. It recognises better than most that the objective of owning ships is to trade at a profit and therefore acknowledges a responsibility to create the overall conditions and to provide the services that prudent ship and yacht owners need to achieve this.&nbsp Registration of tonnage is actively targeted across the full spectrum of ship type: commercial ships and pleasure yachts.

The Cayman Islands offers many advantages to the international owner, manager, banker or practitioner, including:

• Modern, comprehensive Merchant Shipping Law that addresses owner’ needs and preserves quality
• Choice of a wide range of legal structures that qualify to own Cayman-registered vessels
• An efficient processing and registry system both for ships and shipping companies

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