Global Superyacht Forum 2015: The opinion maker

The Global Superyacht Forum closed for another year, leaving the industry with much to ponder on and work towards.… More

See the video - Self-driving superyachts a reality

Mike Blake, president and founder of Palladium Technologies, believes the fully autonomous yacht is soon to be a reality, with much of the technology already in place - see the interview.… More

Explorer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Justin Packshaw closes GSF with

“Get up, suck every ounce out of every second of every day and you will grow.”… More

Yachts of the sky

The similarities between the aviation and yacht sectors are discussed at GSF2015, with a new seaplane tender added to the mix.… More

The complications of composite

The Next Generation Projects session at the Global Superyacht Forum focused on composite construction, citing its many benefits but also the obstacles it faces.… More

It's time we shared data

At a very engaging session on day one of the Global Superyacht Forum, top insurance professionals, Martin Baum and Paul Miller, alongside surveyor, Richard Cray implored the industry to divulge its sales data f… More

Does training hinder superyacht security?

Captain Tim Davies from MARSS following a workshop on the topic of security. The session explored the risks to a superyacht and covered issues in relation to security services and crew training.… More

Time to change the way we work  

The Global Superyacht Forum’s inaugural session looks at the future of the industry and the changes we need to make.… More

The Inspirations: Day 3 at GSF

The third and final day of this year’s Global Superyacht Forum will leave delegates feeling inspired and motivated.… More


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